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Ableton Instruments & FX Presets

Spark new ideas with these free Ableton Instruments and FX Racks, all macro-mapped and ready to play.

Free Session LessonĀ® Tutorial

Experience a revolutionary new kind of Ableton Live tutorial where you learn by doing hands-on activities.

How To EQ Your Tracks

Learn how to snap your mixes into focus with these in-depth EQ lessons.  Includes preset pack for EQ8.

Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes

Learn the mix strategy that will make your low end hit heavy, hard and DEEP like the tracks you love.

Learn Sound Design with Operator

Design your own sounds from scratch with Ableton's Operator synth in these hands-on Session Lessons.

How To Sidechain Your Bassline

Make your kick drums hit heavy & deep in this hands-on Session Lesson with Ableton's Compressor.

The Mono Sub Bass

Dial in deep earthquake sub bass in this hands-on Session Lesson with Ableton's Analog synth.

Acid Groove Bass

Tweak wet squelchy acid basslines using Ableton's Analog synth in this hands-on Session Lesson.


Lay down heavy 808-type kicks & basslines with Ableton's Sampler in this hands-on Session Lesson.

Slapback Analog Bass

Enter a new dimension of bass with Ableton's Analog synth in this hands-on Session Lesson.

Arp Glitch Drum Rack

Cut infinite glitchy drum breaks to spice up your tracks in this hands-on Drum Rack Session Lesson.

Fuzz Crush Drum Rack

Give your beats that warm distorted crunch in this hands-on Drum Rack Session Lesson. 

Build Your Own Bass Traps

Fix your studio acoustics for 10x less money so you can make really accurate mixes that sound pro.

The Core Elements of Electronic Music

A three-part production system to guide beginners through the creative process of making tracks.

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