How To Sidechain Your Bassline

How To Sidechain Your Bassline

Get help with Sidechain Compression.

Sidechaining is essential for modern electronic music production.

Without it, you can't really make your kick drum and your bassline fit together.

That makes your mixes sound weak, unfocused and amateur.

But the best way to learn sidechain compression is to learn by DOING IT!

This hands-on Session Lesson shows you how to setup sidechaining to make your kick drums explode through the mix, with a guided Project full of Instructions, Examples and Activites.

Let's make your low end drop tight, heavy, solid Bass!

4 Modules

Sidechain Compressor FX Rack

Here's the FX rack and installation instructions for how to drop it into any session you're working on.  Faster workflow using presets!

Modules for this product 4

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