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Essential Basics of Sound Design

Essential Basics of Sound Design

Make Your Own Sounds From Scratch

Sound design can be intimidating because there are so many options, and they don't always make sense.

Ableton's Operator synth is even worse!  It is not intuitive and if you don't already know sound design, Operator is hard to use.

But if you want to get better at sound design and become a master of synthesis, you need to learn the basics.

This course will teach you how create your own sounds from scratch, in an organized series of hands-on lessons with Operator.



What You Will Learn

You'll learn the universal parts of a synth that you need to know to do deep-level sound design.

  • Oscillators
  • Filters
  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Arpeggiators
  • LFO
  • Amp & Mixer

We'll also take a look at these classic sound design techniques:

  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • FM synthesis
  • Using FX on synths

By the end you will understand how to make complex, developed instruments that evolve over time.

And we make some cool sounds, check them out.

Learn By Doing It

This is a revolutionary interactive course that you do inside Ableton, not on video.

These hands-on lessons cut out the need to keep two windows open, because the tutorials are build INSIDE Ableton.

Take a look at what you see when you open it up.

ebsd1That means you download a guided Ableton Project that takes you through Instructions, Examples and Activities right inside Live.

ebsd2You get six hands-on SessionLessons™ where we'll make basslines, leads, pads, risers, chords, sub-basses and wubs, and even do some Arpeggiator runs.

ebsd3By the end you'll know exactly which controls to grab to make the sounds you hear in your mind... without getting lost in a zillion parameters.

You'll also understand how to recognize these universal synth functions in every other instrument.


That means you'll be able to walk up to any other synth and make it do cool sounds -- whether it's a hardware synth, modular synth, VST plugin, or just the modulator matrix in an audio effect.

These are the universal principles of sound design and you're going to learn them.

sd recipe

BONUS: Reference Guides (PDF)

The heart of this course is in the hands-on Session Lessons that you do inside Ableton.

But to make sure you remember all the important details, you also get online lessons at this site to lock in the knowledge.

You get all these printable reference guides to keep.

  1. The Sound Design Recipe
  2. The Cycle of Sound Design
  3. Review & Tips
  4. What We Learned

These give you structured, organized information that you can actually use, without being overloaded by Google results.

These are lifetime sound design skills that will take you far beyond Operator...

satisfactionSatisfaction Guaranteed

Let's make sure this is exactly what you want.

You get 24 hours to open this course for free and start the SessionLessons™.

That's plenty of time to find out if this is what you expected.

If not, you can cancel payments and you won't be charged anything.

(NOTE: this does not mean you can download everything for free and then cancel.)


What's Included

  • Six interactive Session Lessons™ (.alp download)
  • Printable Reference Guides (PDF)
  • 24-7 Access to all materials online
  • Email support for any questions: steve@mixitecture.com
  • Feedback in the Mixitecture Producer Community

How To Get Started

  1. Checkout using the secure payment portal
  2. Read the Terms of Service and check the box
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. Enter your info and complete your purchase
  5. You'll get instant access to enter and start the course
  6. If you're a member, login and complete all the lessons in the Teaser Module to get your member's discount!

Click the button and let's get started.

8 Modules

What You Learn

Login and complete this module to unlock your members' discount. System Requirements and details inside.

Oscillator Waveforms

Start here and learn about the different Oscillator waveforms. 

Filter Shapes

Learn how the different Filter types sound and why they're best when they're moving...

ADSR Envelopes

Learn how ADSR Envelopes make your sounds pulse with rhythm...

LFO Modulators

Modulate your synths with LFO’s to add motion & dynamics to your sounds, like having an extra hand to tweak knobs for you...


Instantly add energy with Arpeggiator patterns to get those classic electronic music sounds we love...

Amp & Mixer

Now we put it all together and do some Additive Synthesis using multiple Oscillators at once to create more complex sounds...

Modules for this product 8

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