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Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn Oscillator Lesson Preview

Oscillator Lesson Preview

Making your own synth patch begins with an Oscillator. 

In this lesson you'll learn about the different Oscillator wave shapes.

You'll hear each one and feel how they are different.

What Does It Sound Like?

The fun part about the course is making sounds.

Listen to the sounds we make in this lesson.

What You Will Learn

In this lesson you'll learn what the different Oscillator waveforms sound like, for example Sine, Triangle, Square, Noise, etc.

You'll get tips on when to choose each one and what they're good for.

This allows you to pick the right wave form when you want to make sounds like sub-bass, leads, pads, risers and more.


Here's a screenshot from the actual Ableton Project.  This is what you see in the master channel when you open it up.

To do the lesson you just press play, listen to the Instructions and follow along with the Activities.

OSC rack

Learn By Doing It

Session Lessons are revolutionary because you learn by making sounds, not by watching videos.

It's a hands-on interactive experience where you never have to wait!

You start making new sounds that you can use in your own tracks right away.

Let's get started. Click the button to get all six Session Lessons and start making your own sounds with Operator.

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