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Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn Filter Lesson Preview

Filter Lesson Preview

Filters are the #1 most fun sonic tool to tweak on a synth.

The better you know them, the more fun you have.

In this lesson you learn how Filters can turn a flat boring sound into an epic raging buildup, with just one knob.

What Does It Sound Like?

Listen to some of the sounds we make using Filters.  These are recorded directly from the Session Lesson -- you're going to make these sounds.

What You Will Learn

In this Project we play with filter shapes, cutoff frequency, filter slope, and resonance.

  • LowPass Filter
  • HighPass Filter
  • BandPass Filter
  • Notch Filter
  • State-Variable Filter (SVF)

You'll learn how to choose the right filter to add expression to your synth sounds.


Also in this lesson:

  • How filters connect to your emotions
  • The creative use of Filters for buildups
  • A technical use for filters in your mixdowns
  • Filter Drive for saturation and analog warmth
  • What happens when you add Reverb to your Filter sweeps...

This lesson unlocks a powerful creative tool that defines the sound of electronic music.


Learn By Doing It

Remember, this is a hands-on Session Lesson™ where you actually make music as you learn.

It's the best way to learn because you actively tweak sounds while you're learning.

Beyond that, you're learning universal Sound Design skills that will apply to every other synth you meet in the future -- Ableton, harware, modular, VST or anything.

Ready to play?  Click the button to get all six Session Lessons and start making your own sounds with Operator.

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