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Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn ADSR Lesson Preview

ADSR Lesson Preview

This lesson is about Envelopes.

ADSR Envelopes are powerful tools for creating motion in your sounds with Volume, Filter, Pitch, Pan and more.

They're another way to take a boring stock preset and make it your own.

What Does It Sound Like?

Here's a playlist with the sounds you will make in this lesson.

Listen to how they change over time, that's what makes ADSR envelopes so interesting.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to finally control ADSR Envelopes and make the sound match the way you feel.

That could be beatmatched with your bpm, or free-run with the flow of the music.

Either way, you'll learn the practical stuff you need to know about using Envelopes to add tension and dynamics to your music.

Here are a few specifics:

  • What does ADSR mean?
  • What are envelopes used for?
  • How to control the 4 stages of an ADSR envelope
  • How ADSR fits in with subtractive synthesis

Here's what you see when you open this one up.


We'll get creative using ADSR for percussive sounds, rhythmic pulsing pads, leads and bass.

Notice how many examples and activities are in this lesson... it's all hands-on material you can use to spark ideas.

What you learn here will be universally helpful in every synth you touch for the rest of your life. 


Learn By Doing It

Notice a pattern?

In each Session Lesson you get really fun sounds to play with, as well as the theory behind what we're doing.

It's designed to make sure you really understand the material, so you can apply it in your own music and get creative right away.

Ready to play?  Click the button to get all six Session Lessons and start making your own sounds with Operator.

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