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Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn LFO Lesson Preview

LFO Lesson Preview

In this Lesson you'll learn about LFO -- Low Frequency Oscillators.

You're going to find out how to use LFO's for wobbles, wubs, FM synthesis, and a few other surprises.

After Filters, LFO's are probably the most fun of all the synth parameters.

Once you get good with LFO's, you'll be able to walk up to any synth in the world and make it do incredible things.

What Does It Sound Like?

Listen to a few of the bass wubs we make in this Session Lesson:

What You Will Learn

You'll learn how our friend the Oscillator can be used to make all sorts of rhythmic, pulsing sounds.

Here's what you see when you open this lesson.


As you can see, we're going to make some wobbles.

Because it's all hands-on, you're going to see exactly how to dial in LFO depth to make synchronized wubs.

That means controlling Volume, Filter and Pitch to make divebomb bass!

lfo rack

As always, this Session Lesson is packed with instructions, examples, and hands-on activities where you get to play with all the sounds (and create a few new ones of your own).

This comes with the background theory to help you understand why LFO's work, so you can get them working in your tracks

Even if you only learned about LFO's in this course, it would be worth it for the sheer number of ideas you get.

Ready to play?  Click the button to get all six Session Lessons and start making your own sounds with Operator.

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