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Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn Arpeggiator Lesson Preview

Arpeggiator Lesson Preview

Arpeggiators are another classic sound from electronic music.

They add rhythm, energy, and amazing swing to your tracks, and you're about to learn how to to control them at a deeper level.

Giving an Ableton producer an Arpeggiator is like giving a taxi driver a Ferrari... so let's take it out for a drive.


What Does It Sound Like?

Listen to a few of the sounds we make in this lesson.

What You Will Learn

First you're going to find out how far back the use of Arpeggios goes (hint: before electricity).

You'll explore various options for speed, pattern, variation, and why that all makes them sound so good.

Here's what you see when you open it up.


Learn By Doing It

As with all the other hands-on Session Lessons, this one is full of activities.

For example, you'll use Arp's to make buildups, imitate a Delay, and learn secret Arp. tricks that you can only do in Ableton.

This Lesson will connect you with the classic Arpeggiator sound of electronic music, so you can use it on your basslines, chords and leads.

arp rack

Sign Up And Start Now

This Session Lesson gets you going with some really fun stuff that will DEFINITELY spark ideas for new tracks.

Once you get the idea, you'll find tons of new places to drop the Ableton Arpeggiator on your basslines, chords and leads, to make amazing original sounds.

Join now and get creative with all six hands-on Session Lessons.

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