šŸŽ§ Get The Strategy for Mixing BASS  šŸŽ§

Learn Sound Design with Operator What You Learn Amp & Mixer Lesson Preview

Amp & Mixer Lesson Preview

Let's put it all together.

Now we get into Additive Synthesis. This means combining several layers of sounds to make one big sound (in short).

In this lesson we combine everything you learned from Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes and LFO's.

What Does It Sound Like?

Take a listen to the final sound we create.

See if you can identify the different layers of this bass growler.

(They fade in and out over time in the audio clip.)

What You Will Learn

You will be challenged in this lesson to apply everything you've learned in the course so far.

Not just once -- but simultaneously on four different layers of one sound.

That's what makes Operator so powerful, you can stack up layers and even use them to modulate each other!

Here's what you see when you open up the final Session Lesson.


Creative Plus Technical

We create a super fuzz-bass sound using four separate Oscillators, and tweak the Ableton vintage-modeled Filters to get some complex motion happening.

Not only do you apply creative sound design principles in this lesson, you also learn new things about mix tools like Compression and Limiter in your sounds.

You get the fun stuff to make original sounds, as well as some technical mix instructions on how to USE them in your tracks.

That's what makes this course so powerful.

Ready to start?

amp rack

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I think you can tell that this is a really deep course.

You basically get a sound design recipe that you can use on every synth in the world.

You'll be able to troubleshoot boring sounds and get them moving again.

You'll be able to edit difficult presets without getting lost or frustrated.

And you'll get a grip on Operator, possibly the most complex of all Ableton instruments.

Join now and get access to all these hands-on Session Lessons, plus the Sound Design Recipe and all the support materials.

Let's get the ideas out of your imagination and into the speakers.

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