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QblueWhat do you mean by Session Lesson, what does that mean exactly?

It's an Ableton Live Pack (.alp) that you download and keep on your computer.  When you open it up you play through a built-in tutorial, in session view. You follow audio instructions, you watch automated examples that show you what to do, and then you do hands-on activities. This is the best way to learn because you learn by DOING IT. Session Lessons make you make music.

QblueHow does it work?

When you first open the Project, you hear audio instructions that tell you what to do. Then you watch example Automation that shows you what to do. Then you do hands-on activities where you can play with the sounds and hear what happens.  That means you get to learn by DOING IT, instead watching a video.

QblueWhat do I get from it? How can this help me?

Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Upgrade your production skills
  • Become a better producer
  • Learn advanced production techniques
  • Explore sound design
  • Develop better mix techniques
  • Get to know Ableton devices deeper
  • Take your production to the next level
  • Make your tracks sound pro


QblueWill it work for me?

Yes. You're about to learn how much you can do when you put together Ableton devices into Racks and map them with macro knobs for easy control.  I do the hard part, you get the fun part. 

QblueWhat version of Ableton do I need?

This one works for Live10, requires Standard or Suite Edition. See each product for exact details.

QblueDo I need Push2 or an APC40?

No, you don't need Push2 or any MIDI controllers. You can do it with a normal mouse, laptop, etc.

QblueDoes it work for PC? Does it work for Mac?

Yes and yes, these work for PC and Mac. I use Mac, so I talk about OS X key commands, but SL's work for PC just as well.


IQblue have [xxx] audio interface, can I still do this?

The audio interface doesn't matter, all you need are a pair of headphones. The bass lessons will be difficult if you are listening on laptop speakers because laptops don't make low frequencies. Try to get a pair of monitors as soon as you can.

QblueDo I need any VST plugins?

No. Everything in the lessons uses stock Ableton instruments. Check each product to see if it requires Ableton Suite or Ableton Standard version. Session Lessons do not work with Intro / Lite versions of Live.

QblueMy computer is too old, will it work? 

Each lesson takes about 100MB of disk space. If you can run Ableton and do a multitrack session with MIDI instruments, you can use these lessons. They're smaller than the average production session.

QblueWhat genre are your lessons for?

Session Lessons come in all different tempos and styles. Mostly it's in the genre of house-tek or downtempo, because those are so common. But the principles and techniques you learn are universal and will apply to every genre, especially for sound design and mixing bass.

QblueWho is Steve Knots?

I've been making electronic music for more than 20 years now.  I spent about 15 years DJ'ing, eventually making a living at it and paying my rent with residencies and parties. 

I also work as an audio engineer for live concerts, where I've set up literally hundreds of bands.  I started using Ableton with Live5, I've used it for DJ'ing and live electronic shows and played with MC's, singers, bands, beat boxers, hand drummers, all sorts of performers. 

I've produced tracks in many genres from house to techno, chillout to DnB, global bass and ambient drone music. 

QblueIs anybody else using these? What do they say about it?

Check the Reviews section for a few comments.  These really work and they're light years beyond watching a video.


QblueHow long does it take?

Each Session Lesson takes about 30 minutes to do, plus however much time you spend making beats right afterwards. Remember, you're in Ableton and not wasting time on the internet.

QblueI have kids, I don't have any free time

These are the most compact, organized, structured lessons you can get. Maximize your Ableton time and you can completely stop searching on youtube or googling for answers. It's all inside Live in one place you can get to easily.

QblueI'm a student, I can't afford it...

Sign up for the free intro SL, it will activate your free members' account and you also get members' discounts.  This is the best way to access all the Mixitecture content.  You're in the right place.


QblueDo I get a template I can copy?

No. These lessons teach you how to create your own original music. That’s how to unlock your creativity and make really good music.  you’ll see. You get examples to follow so you can’t miss the point.

QblueI'm a beginner and Ableton noob, would this work for me?

Yes, I explain everything. As long as you can operate the basic program functions and understand English, you can do it.

QblueI need guidance, can you review my music?

Every week we do track feedback in the Mixitecture Facebook group.  You can join 3800+ other  creative producers from around the world and trade feedback on your test mixes and new music.

QblueI don't have a music studio, Does it require nice monitors and a subwoofer?

No, you don't need expensive studio monitors or a subwoofer. Everything you learn can be done with home speakers and headphones. When you get to more advanced bass mixing, you might need to buy better monitors or a subwoofer.

QblueOK I want to do a Session Lesson, where do I get the free one?

Right here.  Click the button below and sign up to get instant access.

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