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Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes Teaser Module What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

This course has four modules.

Each one contains a hands-on Session Lesson® tutorial that takes you through one aspect of Gain Staging.

Here's what we do in them.

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Lesson One: Gain Staging with Individual Channels

  • The Gain Staging Process
  • A recipe you can use again and again in every session you ever touch
  • How to properly apply the gain staging recipe on each sound

In the first Session Lesson® you will learn the basics of Gain Staging, as we learn a process we can use on every channel in the mix.


Lesson Two: Making A Stereo Mix

  • How to make the mix sound great and still end up with enough headroom on the master channel
  • Which stock Ableton plugins we use and when you should choose each one
  • Where a loud mix comes from (hint: not pushing up your volume faders higher)
  • How to fix problems like “my kick drum is not loud enough”

In Lesson Two we'll take our gain-staging work with the individual channels and use them to make a stereo mix that’s loud, clear, and drops some serious bass!


Lesson Three: Track Groups

  • How to break a big project down into easy pieces
  • Rules for submixes
  • Why use track groups?
  • How to get the kick and the sub working together as one unit, to make your low end tighter
  • Which sounds to put loudest and which sounds to spread apart in the stereo field
  • How to apply Utility, Compressor EQ and Limiter on drums and WHY we choose each one

In Lesson Three we will review how gain staging applies to individual channels, and then we'll make a mix using Group Tracks.

You'll learn about the power of making sub-mixes as a major tool in your mixdown strategy.


Lesson Four: Bus Groups and FX Returns

This is the final lesson and it has the most advanced mixing techniques.

  • What are Bus Groups and why do we use them?
  • Gain staging with groups and buses
  • Techniques for mixing low-end sounds in a group
  • What to listen for organizing your drums
  • Recommended settings for audio effects
  • Mixing With Return FX Tracks
  • Reverb mix strategy
  • Rough Mastering Guidelines

In Lesson Four you'll learn about gain staging with multiple track groups and return FX, making a master channel mix, and some pre-mastering tests your mix must pass.

By the end of the course you'll have a solid technique for making your mixes sound better than you ever thought possible.

Click the green button and let's get started!

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