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Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes Teaser Module BONUS ITEMS


drum bus FX

At the end of this course, you get a ton of useful stuff to help you in your mixing journey.

  • Mix Templates
  • Channel Strips for the sounds we work with most
  • Reverb and Delay Return FX Racks
  • Group Track FX Racks
  • Bus Group FX Racks
  • Master Channel FX Rack


And you get 24-7 access to online lessons that fill in your audio engineering knowledge, with PDF's that you can download and keep for reference.


    •    What is Audio Engineering?
    •    Eight Great Mix Tools
    •    Ten Step Mixdown Process
    •    How To Do Gain Staging
    •    Mistakes To Avoid [VIDEO]
    •    Stereo Export Checklist
    •    The Power of Test Mixes
    •    The Difference Mastering Makes

They all help you lock in your knowledge so you can apply it to all your mixes from now on.

All together you're getting four revolutionary hands-on Session Lessons, with extra mix templates and FX racks, and online support from text and video lessons to make sure you don't get lost.

Add this to the mixitecture community where you get support to check your mixes in our weekly Track Feedback meeting, and you can't lose!

Ready to learn Gain Staging and make your low end sound Pro?

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