šŸŽ§ Get The Strategy for Mixing BASS  šŸŽ§

Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes Teaser Module What You Get Inside

What You Get Inside

Here’s What You Get

This is a revolutionary course where you learn by doing guided activities inside Ableton Live.

That means you learn by watching automated examples and following along with practical activities so you can learn by DOING IT, instead of watching videos on Youtube.

Here's everything that's included in this in-depth course.

  • Four revolutionary hands-on Session Lesson® tutorials
    • .alp downloads for Live9, Live10 or Live11
    • approximately one hour run time for each Lesson
  • Printable PDF study guides you can keep
    • How To Do Gain Staging
    • What is Audio Engineering?
    • Eight Great Mix Tools
    • Ten Step Mixdown Process
    • Stereo Export Checklist
    • The Power of Test Mixes
    • The Difference Mastering Makes
  • Video Extras
    • Gain Staging Terms
    • Gain Staging Tools
    • Mistakes to Avoid
    • The Analog Roots of Ableton Live
  • Bonus Mix Tools
    • Four Ableton Mix Templates ready for you to drop in your sounds and start mixing
    • 20+ FX Rack Presets, macro-mapped with the 8 controls you need
    • Aux Reverb and Delay FX Racks to play with
    • Master Channel FX Rack to help you export your stereo mixes


  • Four hands-on Session Lesson Tutorials ($400 value)
  • PDF Audio Engineering guides ($175 value)
  • Four Mix Templates ($80 value)
  • 20+ FX Racks ($100 value)

If you were to buy all these Lessons and Downloads individually, the total cost would be more than $755!

But you can get it all now for only $297!

That's a great deal.

Click the green button to BUY NOW with the secure checkout cart.

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