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Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes Teaser Module Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Which version of Live do I need?

This course works with Ableton Live 9.7, Live10 and Live11. The lessons are the same in each version but the newer ones use updated devices (Echo, M4L, etc).

I don’t make bass music, will this work for me?

Yes. The mix strategy you learn in this course will help you mix any combination of sounds in the world.  The style is electronic music, so this course is excellent for anybody who makes house, techno, DnB, dubstep, trance, trap, hiphop, downtempo... anything with BASS in it. 

Will I learn how to mix vocals?

We talk about basic EQ, Compression and Limiter strategies for the sounds in electronic music.  You will not learn how to EQ vocals or acoustic instruments in this course, but the Gain Staging principles will certainly apply.

How long does the course take?

The lesson run-time is about 4 hours in total. You should expect to spend at least an hour after each lesson, practicing the Gain Staging techniques you learn.  A dedicated person could complete this course in a week... but the benefits will last your whole life.

Is it for Mac or PC?

This course works for both Mac and PC.  Some of my key commands are described in the OS X version, but there is always a PC version which also works.


Do I need a Push controller?

No, you do not need any USB or MIDI controllers to do this course.  You can do it with only a mouse.

I don’t have studio monitors, can I do this course with headphones?

Yes, you will be able to learn a lot by doing this course in headphones.  To finally check your mixes, you should play them on other sound systems where you can hear the low end.  Headphones do not alway reproduce bass frequencies very well, compared to big speakers.

I’m a beginner, can I start with this one?

YES.  The Intro videos explain the Terms you need to know about Gain Staging.  The rest of the course will lead you through the concepts and give you a solid understanding of the process.  Start now!  It's a big advantage that you do not have any bad habits yet.

I'm new to Ableton Live, will this course teach me how to use the program?

No.  You need to be comfortable with the basics of Live, like finding the audio effect racks and launching Clips in Session View.  If you've never used the program before, start with the built-in tutorials.  They're excellent.  [View Menu]

How do I contact you if I need help?

You can always email steve@mixitecture.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

You're welcome also to post a question in the Mixitecture Facebook group, where we have a supportive group of international producers who help each other improve.


What happens after I click the BUY button?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll get instant access to enter the course on this member's site.  You will also receive confirmation emails with your login name and password, and then subsequent emails to support your progress as you complete each lesson.  I will not let you forget, lose focus, or give up.  You get LOTS of support!

How long do I have access to the course?

There is no time limit to your access.  Once you join, you will have access for the lifetime of the course on this platform.  If the internet ceases to exist, we will all lose access.  Other than that, you're in.

What if I can’t start right away?

No problem.  Join now and you will have 24-7 access to the course so you can start whenever you're ready. I encourage you to start now!  There's no time like the present.

Can I use Paypal?  Can I use my credit card?

Yes and Yes.

Can I pay in several smaller amounts instead of one large payment?

Yes. Click the button for "Three Month Plan" to break it up over time so you can start right away.

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