Basic Mixing with Ableton Live Teaser Module Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

The course has four Modules where you learn to build a mix using real audio engineering techniques including Gain Staging, Routing, EQ & Compression strategies, FX and more.

Each Module is a separate Session Lesson where you follow along with Instructions, Examples and Activities inside Live.

Click to expand these sections to see what you'll learn in each Module.

MODULE 1: Input Gain Staging

In the first Module you'll learn to apply the basic principles and techniques of Gain Staging on every Track in the Mix.

L1 instrux


  • The Gain Staging Process
  • Measuring Levels using Input and Output Meters
  • EQ & Compression to optimize every sound
  • Which plugins do we use on each sound and why?
  • How To Identify problems with the mix

MODULE 2: Building A Great Stereo Mix

In the second Module you'll make a simple mix, explore Loudness, and learn how to avoid fatal rookie mistakes.

L2 screen


  • Making a simple Stereo Mix
  • Building a solid Mix foundation with Kick Drum and Sub-Bass
  • Balancing levels with the Drums
  • Midrange mixing with Synths
  • Adding Reverb and Delay FX

MODULE 3: Using Group Tracks

In Module Three you'll learn how to break down a big project into manageable chunks using Stereo Submixes, and work more with Return Effects.

L3 8


  • Creating 3D space in the mix
  • Using Track Groups
  • Sub-Mixes for Mono and Stereo Sounds
  • Pan Position and the Stereo Field
  • Avoiding Phase Problems
  • Master Channel Gain Staging

MODULE 4: The Master Channel

The last Module combines everything we've done to export a polished Mix at the Master Channel, with important details like Phase and Dynamics.

L4 review


  • Bus Groups and Advanced Routing
  • Goals for a balanced stereo mix
  • Drum Bus FX Chains
  • Return FX Routing
  • Checking the Mix in Mono
  • Preparation to export your final Mix
  • Rough Master Guidelines

MIX GUIDES: Printable PDF Resources

In addition to the hands-on Session Lessons, you get a series of compact Mix Guides to help lock in what you learned. Print them out for quick reference to help you apply your new skills in all your Projects!



  • Guide to VU Meters
  • Eight Great Mix Tools
  • Ten Step Mixdown Guide
  • Stereo Export Checklist
  • The Power Of Test Mixes


The total course time is estimated at ten hours.

This includes four hours of Session Lesson time, four hours of practice to apply what you are learning in your own sessions, and two hours to go through the online support materials.

By the end you'll have a completely new strategy for mixing that will allow you to create Professional-sounding Tracks without feeling frustrated or confused.



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