How To Sidechain Your Bassline About This Course

About This Course

Make Your Kick Drum Thump

First off, welcome to the Teaser Module.  Login and complete all the lessons in this Module to unlock your massive member's discount!

After you sign up for this course, you'll go through the basics of what sidechain compression IS, how it works, and why we need it.

You'll get a complete understanding of how to setup sidechain compression in all your tracks, to make your low end sound Pro.

Let's get your bassline to stop fighting against your kick drum, so it doesn't drive you crazy when you're trying to make a solid mix.


Here's what you will learn:

  • The standard process for sidechaining bass
  • Which sound is being sidechained
  • Which sound is controlling the sidechain
  • How the Compressor Threshold works
  • How much Gain Reduction you need
  • Best settings for Attack Time
  • How Release Time works with bpm
  • Using the Sidechain Input Filter
  • How to work with Inputs like kick drums, breakbeats, vocals, and non-4/4 sources
  • Creative sound design to make your synth stacks and reverbs pump on the beat

Each Activity gives you a specific thing to focus on so you can see what the Compressor is doing and HEAR the result. 

Sign up now and get started!



Get These Reference Guides

Need to catch up on compressor theory and functions?

This course comes with online lessons that back up the hands-on Activities by giving you real audio engineering theory.

This will make sure so you really understand WHY we're making each adjustment, and give you the skills to adjust to new situations in the future.

You're not just copying my settings... you're learning how to listen, think, and solve problems using sidechain compression. 

(It normally takes people YEARS to learn this.)

Here's your list of Reference Guides:

  • Sidechain Quick Start Guide
  • Intro To Compression
  • Input Filter & EQ
  • Technical Vs. Creative Compression
  • Attack, Release & Threshold: What To Listen For
  • How To Sidechain A New Sound
  • Sidechain Sound Design Tips

They're all organized on this site so you can easily find them when you want them.

Let's expand both your technical mix skills and your creative sound design skills!



System Requirements

  1. Ableton Live9 or Live10
  2. Standard version (not Suite)
  3. A good pair of headphones or studio monitors


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson® I will give you your money back. There's absolutely no risk.

what you getWhat You're Getting

  • One hands-on Session Lesson™ (.alp 192mb)
  • Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • BONUS Reference Guides (PDF)
  • 24-7 Access to all materials online
  • Email support for any questions: steve@mixitecture.com

Ready to upgrade your production skills and make your mixes sound pro?

This revolutionary hands-on lesson will get you there.

Sign up here and get your low end hitting heavy and deep.

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About This Course

Come on in and see what's included in this revolutionary hands-on Session Lesson.

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