How To Sidechain Your Bassline About This Course Is This Lesson Right For Me?

Is This Lesson Right For Me?

id15 tinyboxWhat is this all about?

I’m offering you a hands-on lesson in sidechain compression where you learn how to make your kick drum sit right in the mix -- without wasting tons of time making 12 mix versions.

Why do I want it?

After doing this lesson you'll be able to get tight, focused bass in all your tracks. You'll feel amazed at how good they sound. It's a massive step forward in your production skill level.

How hard is it to learn?

Really easy. All you have to do is download the guided Live Pack, double-click to open it, and follow along to learn about dialing in your sidechain compression settings.

The hands-on lesson takes about 45minutes, and the study guides give you quick-reference cheat sheets to easily remember everything later.

How does it help?

This will clear up your low end mud, get your tracks dropping hard basslines and make your kick drums explode through the mix!

What about the member's discount?

Right here. Just login, complete the lessons in this Teaser Module, and watch the price drop. You'll see a link pop up, and I'll remind you by email of how much it helps to learn sidechaining.

Let's make your low end thump!

Thanks for being part of Mixitecture.

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About This Course

Come on in and see what's included in this revolutionary hands-on Session Lesson.

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