How To Sidechain Your Bassline About This Course Learn By Doing It

Learn By Doing It


Learn By Doing It

This is a completely new kind of tutorial that you do right inside Live.

It's called a Session Lesson and it's built into an Ableton project (not on video).

This cuts out the need to keep two windows open for Live and Youtube (major improvement). 

You're going to get hands-on experience setting up the stock Ableton Compressor with the right settings so you can HEAR the difference.

Here's what you see when you open this one.


This shows you the lesson activities that you do inside Live by following instructions, watching automation and then tweaking the compressor knobs yourself.

We go into detail with settings like Threshold, Attack, and Release to make a connection between what sounds good and how to get it from your compressor.


You'll learn how to get perfectly beat-matched rhythm in your low end mixes. 

There's no need to spend a million years experimenting with random settings, hoping it will magically start to work.


Each Activity has a Review section that tells you what to listen for, to make sure you can really HEAR what you're doing. 

It's an organized, structured lesson to take you step-by-step through the sidechain setup process to make your mixes sound pro.

By the end you'll be able to set up sidechain compression from any source and make your low end sound amazing!

Grab this hands-on Session Lesson and get your kick drums hitting hard, heavy and deep.

Mark this lesson complete and keep going.  You've almost unlocked your member's discount!

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About This Course

Come on in and see what's included in this revolutionary hands-on Session Lesson.

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