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Welcome to the Mixitecture members' site! Start with the free presets, or do the demo Session Lesson™ and find out what makes them a revolutionary new kind of Ableton Live tutorial.

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Free Presets: Ableton Instruments & FX

Sign up here to get free presets that you can drop right on your tracks and play with.

Intro to Session Lessons™

A completely new kind of Ableton tutorial where you learn by DOING IT.  Grab this one and see for yourself.

The Core Elements of Electronic Music

This is a course on the mindset of production.  It will help you organize your time so you can make good tracks and get them done.

Essential Basics of Sound Design

Learn to design your own sounds from scratch with Oscillators, Filters, ADSR Envelopes and LFO's.

EQ8 Presets for Electronic Music

Drop these EQ8 presets on your channels and hear your mix snap into focus. 

How To Do Sidechain Compression

Learn how to setup a compressor the right way to make your low end hit heavy and deep.

Arp Glitch Drum Rack

Get unlimited glitchy stutter drum breaks without spending a zillion hours on tiny edits.

Fuzz Crush Drum Rack

Learn how to get that analog-sounding crunch on your drums with Filters, Compression, Gate and EQ. 

Acid Groove Bass

Learn how to make that wet squelchy 303 acid bassline using Ableton's Analog synth & Arpeggiator.

The Mono Sub Bass

Everybody needs a solid low mono sub. Learn how to dial in deep earthquake bass with Operator.


Sampler Instrument for 808-type bass that you can play like a MIDI synth & tune to your track.

Slapback Analog Bass

This is for your midrange bassline textures, it's not a sub.  Fast-moving delayFX make it like an arpeggiator, but more fun to tweak.

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