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The Mono Sub Bass

The Mono Sub Bass


Meet the Mono Sub Bass

Everybody needs deep sub-bass in their tracks, but it can be surprisingly difficult to get a good one that cuts through the mix.

The Mono Sub-Bass solves that problem by giving you the exact controls you need to shape your bass tone so it will come through.

In this hands-on lesson we'll play with Ableton's Analog instrument to get a super low and deep bassline to hold down your low end.

Want to learn more about sub bass sound design? Grab this Session Lesson and find out how.



What You Will Learn

  • Compression as a creative sound design tool
  • Which Oscillator shape to use and why
  • Creative tools to add expression and convey emotions
  • How to add heaviness and depth for big sound systems
  • Transient shaping to make percussive 808-type booms
  • Volume leveling to keep your bass smooth so notes don't get lost


Learn By Doing It

This is a completely new kind of tutorial that you do inside Ableton, not watching on video.

It works by leading you through Instructions, Examples and Activities where you learn by playing with the sounds themselves.

That's how Session Lessons build new skills that you will have for life!

Here's what it looks like when you open the Project.

msbsl1First you'll get to know the basic instrument, and explore how it's various waveforms sound.

msbsl2We'll also go through deep details on Filters and applying Compression as a creative sound design tool.

By the end you'll have a full understanding of how to dial in a fat mono sub-bass for your tracks.

How This Helps

When you need that heaviness and depth in your tracks, you'll be able to grab this instrument and quickly tweak it to get the sound you want.

You're going to find out how to make super deep SUB basslines with Ableton's Analog synth, with a few critical tips on how to level them out and keep them present in the low end mix

Best of all, these are lifetime sound design skills... it's much more than just one instrument.

Get the Mono Sub Bass Session Lesson and go deep with your sub.



Bonus Preset Pack Included

Learning to make your own sounds is cool, but sometimes you want to hear examples of what other people can do with an instrument.

This preset pack is here to stretch your creativity and show you some sound design options. 

You'll hear a few flavors of sub-bass that are possible with this instrument.

Plug in your headphones or turn on big speakers to hear these; they're LOW and DEEP.

satSatisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson™, contact me within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. 

Contact Info: steve@mixitecture.com

I will either help you get it working or give you your money back.


What's Included

  • One interactive Session Lesson™
  • 116mb Live Pack for Live10 [.alp]
  • Bonus Preset Pack
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Support in the Mixitecture Producer Community
  • Direct email support: steve@mixitecture.com

Ready to conquer the domain of sub-bass frequencies?

Get the Mono Sub Bass Session Lesson and expand your sound design skills for low end power.

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