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The Saturator Drum Rack

The Saturator Drum Rack

Welcome to the Fuzz Crush Drum Rack.

Ableton has many options for adding saturation and distortion to your drums, but it can be confusing to get them working quickly and with the right flavor of crunch.

This Session Lesson teaches you how to make your beats loud, crunchy and aggressive... without getting lost in plugin parameters.

Grab it and get your drum beats crackling hot in the mix.


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What You Will Learn

You'll find out how to make a range of drum sounds from warm fuzz to broken-up, distorted and smashed.

You'll get more experience with Compression, EQ, Filters and Gate.

And you'll learn by DOING IT inside a revolutionary guided Ableton Project!

Here's what you see when you open it up.

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Do More With Your Drum Racks

Learn to make your drum kits feel more rhythmic and explosive.  


Why Vintage Filter Models Feel So Good

You'll learn about tone-shaping with AutoFilter and its vintage circuit models. We use them to get that warm analog sound.


What To Do With Filter Drive

You'll learn about using Filter Drive to get that great buzzing texture, with secret Gain Staging tricks to keep the mix balanced.


Glue Compressor Settings For Drums

You'll learn about changing the dynamics, transients, tone and FEEL of the drum kit to make the drums sound like they’re trying to explode!


Gate For Snappy, Staccato Beats

You'll learn about the rhythmic powers of the Gate to make staccato beats so snappy they make you blink.


Pro Tips for EQ'ing Your Drums

We'll talk about the classic sound of analog EQ, where it comes from, and how to model Analog sound for a nice warm round fuzzy tone.


Smooth It Out With Reverb

You'll learn how to put the right amount of Reverb around the drums, so it dies down without muddying up the mix.


You Get Organized, Structured Info

Every hands-on Session Lesson takes you through Instructions, Examples and Activities that keep you 100% engaged in making sounds.

This makes it easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use in your production sessions later.

Ready to crunch out your percussion universe?

Grab the Fuzz Crush Drum Rack and get cracking!


How This Helps

The value of this Session Lesson is that you're learning sound design techniques that will take your production to a higher level.

This is really fun because the important settings are all dialed in, so you get to hear it sound amazing right away.

fcmacrAnd remember, you can Hot-Swap the drum samples and use this FX rack for unlimited FuzzCrush drum kits in your own tracks!

You're getting tools and techniques you can use for life, not just one instrument.


BONUS Preset Pack !!!

The range of sounds you can get from this instrument is truly incredible.

To help stretch your sonic imagination, you also get a pack of presets to play with.

Check out how they sound in this playlist.

Have Any Questions?

Get in touch and ask, I'm happy to help.

Email: steve@mixitecture.com

    Instagram: steveknots_mixitecture

    Facebook: SteveKnotsMusic


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson™, contact me within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. 

    Contact Info: steve@mixitecture.com

    I will either help you get it working or give you your money back.


    What's Included

    • One interactive Session Lesson™
    • 166mb Live Pack for Live9 [.alp]
    • A pack of Presets
    • Complete Installation Instructions
    • 24-7 Access to the materials on this site
    • Support by email
    • Track Feedback in the Mixitecture Facebook group

    Ready to smash out some gritty drum breaks? Grab this Session Lesson and get cracking!

    Buy now from the secure payment platform. Requires Ableton Suite version.

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