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Intro To Mixing And Gain Staging

Intro To Mixing And Gain Staging


This course gives you a simple mix recipe that will help you get the bass right in your tracks.

You really need to approach mixing with a plan, instead of just guessing.

In this course you'll get help with Gain Staging, which Ableton plugins to use, and Pro Tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

This is real audio engineering advice that took me more than twenty years to learn... and you get it all in one place.



This lesson series will take you from general concepts you need to know, into specific recipes you can use to make a great mix that's ready to share.

Will it make you a pro mastering engineer?  No, of course not. 

But it will solve a lot of the common problems beginners make.


Here's what you'll find inside.

  • What is Audio Engineering?
  • Eight Great Mix Tools
  • Ten Step Mixdown Process
  • How To Do Gain Staging
  • Mistakes To Avoid [VIDEO]
  • Stereo Export Checklist
  • The Power of Test Mixes
  • The Difference Mastering Makes
  • BONUS: The Analog Roots of Ableton Live [VIDEO]

Special bonus video explains how Ableton's Session View relates to an analog mixing board. 

This means you can apply what you're learning here to work in many other studio environments.

These are lifetime production skills that will help you make better mixes in every session you touch.

satisfactionBetter mixes or your money back.

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All you have to do is email me and ask.

Ready to dramatically improve the sound of your mixes?

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