šŸŽ§ Get The Strategy for Mixing BASS  šŸŽ§

Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes

Gain Staging Strategy For Bass Mixes

You’re about to solve the biggest problem for electronic music producers.

In this course you'll get a simple mix strategy that will help you get the Bass right in all your tracks... no matter what genre you produce.

This is real audio engineering that will help you make better mixes in every session you touch. 

Click into the Teaser Module to see how the course works and find out what you'll learn.

Ready to start? Click the green button and let's start making your Low End sound Pro.

7 Modules

Module One

First we do Gain Staging with the Input Levels on every channel in the mix.

Module Two

Next we use the volume faders to make a loud, clear mix that drops some BASS.

Module Three

In Lesson 3 we use Track Groups to make balanced stereo submixes with Return FX.

Module Four

In Lesson Four we mix using Bus Groups to make a mix combining multiple Track Groups and FX Returns.

Course Evaluation

Modules for this product 7

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