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The Glitch Switch Drum Rack

The Glitch Switch Drum Rack

Meet the Arp Glitch Drum Rack.  It takes ordinary MIDI drum loops and turns them into gripping drum breaks that glitch out, stutter and keep your tracks exciting.

Here's a tour of what you get inside this hands-on Session Lesson.

Want to get detailed customized drum breaks without suffering through a bazillion hours of Audio and MIDI editing?

Grab this Session Lesson and find out how.


ag rack

What You Will Learn

  • How to make custom glitches
  • How to make buildups using Arpeggiator
  • How changing ARP rate makes it kinda trippy
  • Using multiple layers of modulation
  • Where to use glitches for maximum effect
  • How to make synchronized beatmatched glitches
  • How to make your Arp. sound like a Delay
  • How to make a the famous echo buzz sound
  • Mix tips for glitching drums without burning up your sub amps
  • Where to use glitches in the composition of your track
  • Compressor strategy to fit this sound into your mix
  • Review of all the above concepts in an organized, structured lesson that will help you make more interesting tracks.

ag rack

Learn By Doing It

This is a completely new kind of tutorial that you do inside Ableton -- not watching on video.

This cuts out the need to keep two screens open.

Instead, you hear Instructions, watch Examples and do hands-on Activities to actively make sounds during the lesson.

Here's what you see when you open up the Session Lesson.


The activities take you through a deep-level sound design tutorial that shows you how to make beat-matched glitch FX that jump out crazy loud!


Best of all, the lesson includes Gain Staging techniques to save you from red-lining your mix when you hit the Glitch Switch.

ag mcr

BONUS: Preset Pack !!!

In case you like to stretch the limits, you get an additional preset pack to take the Arp Glitch Drum Rack in a new sonic directions.


Take a second and listen to a few of the sounds the Arp Glitch Drum Rack can make.

Hot-Swap For Infinite Sounds

Remember, you can Hot-Swap the samples in any Ableton Drum Rack.

That means after you learn the technique of using this one, you can customize it with different sounds to get an infinite range of creative glitch drum breaks.

This is not just one instrument or one sound pack... it's a door into another dimension of breaks.

ag rack

What's Included

  • One interactive Session Lesson™
  • 102mb Live Pack (.alp)
  • A pack of presets to get you started
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Support in the Mixitecture Facebook group and on Discord
  • Questions? Contact Steve at: steve@mixitecture.com

You're getting powerful Sound Design techniques, a custom Drum Rack to play with, and a pack of presets to stretch your creativity!


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson™, contact me within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. 

    I will either help you get it working or give you your money back.

    Contact Info: steve@mixitecture.com

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    Get the Arp Glitch Drum Rack and make your beats glitch from here to Infinity...

    2 Modules

    Arp Glitch Teaser

    Take a closer look at what's inside this interactive Session Lesson™.

    Download & Installation

    Click in here to download your Session Lesson and get started.  Instructions inside.

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