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The 303 Acid Arpeggiator

The 303 Acid Arpeggiator

Meet the Acid Groove Bass

It makes that wet squelchy 303 Acid bassline sound that we all know and love.

From playing one note or from holding down a chord, this instrument churns out gurgling pulsing acid basslines you will love to play.

The preset is easy to use, but there's a lot more deep-level sound design for you to learn inside this instrument.

Grab this Session Lesson and find out what you're capable of doing, once you pick up a few key techniques.



What You Will Learn

  • Where to use different Arp. Patterns in your tracks
  • How to make buildups and add energy
  • How to give your track feelings with the Groove function
  • Adding expression that the crowd will react to emotionally
  • How to make a universe of bass wubs
  • Where to use fast Arp. Rate and where NOT to
  • What to do before you use this in a live set
  • Compression tips to control the output level when you’re busy tweaking other things with both hands

gs rack

Learn By Doing It

This is not a video tutorial.  You're getting a completely new kind of lesson that's built inside Live, which cuts out the need to keep two windows open.

This is an interactive Session Lesson™ with three components that make it stick in your head.

  1. You hear audio Instructions that tell you what's going on
  2. You see automated Examples that show you what to do
  3. Then you do hands-on Activities where you learn how to get the sound you want

Instructions, Examples and Activities are what make Session Lessons so powerful.

Here's what you see when you open this one:


We start off getting to know the sound and hearing how it works, so you understand what's inside the Instrument Rack.

SL2We go deep into the Arpeggiator and Filter settings so you can dial in the exact vibe you want from your basslines.


Best of all, the lesson gives you technical mix tips to go along with the creative impulses, so you can work this bass sound into your tracks without wrecking your Gain Staging.

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It's organized, structured information delivered in a package that makes it easy to learn, play with, remember, and apply to your own music later.

Get this Session Lesson and take your sound design skills to a deeper level.



BONUS: Preset Pack

You won't have any problem coming up with creative basslines using this lesson...

...but for an extra push in the right direction, you also get a pack of presets for the Acid Groove Instrument.

These will take your sound farther than you might go on your own.

Take a listen to how they sound.

mixitecture · Acid Groove Presets

These presets are designed to spark new ideas and give you fresh inspiration to make new tracks.

Ready to make some wet filter sweeps?

Get this lesson and learn how to make rolling acid basslines that rip through your tracks.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson™, contact me within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. 

Contact Info: steve@mixitecture.com

I will either help you get it working or give you your money back.


What's Included

  • One interactive Session Lesson™
  • 100mb Live Pack for Live10 [.alp]
  • Preset Pack of Instrument Variations
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Email support for any questions:  steve@mixitecture.com
  • Track Feedback in the Mixitecture Producer Community

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    Download & Installation

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