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The 808 Sampler Kick/Bass

The 808 Sampler Kick/Bass

Welcome to the KOOOM Bass

A big challenge of making tracks is how to tune your kick drum.

Do you tune your kick to fit the harmony of the synths?  Or do you compose a bassline that goes with the kick?

The KOOOM bass solves this problem with a sample-based MIDI instrument that sounds like a kick drum, but you can play it like a bassline too.

Get this Session Lesson, learn more about the Ableton Sampler, and build up your low-end sound design skills.



What You Will Learn

  • Creative expression with Filters
  • Tone-shaping with Analog Filter models
  • Sub-bass frequency areas to pay attention to
  • Resonant Filters and how they affect Gain Staging
  • How to play the KOOM like a bass sound
  • How to make it sound like a kick drum
  • Compressor tips to keep the sound focused in the mix
  • How flexible the Ableton Sampler can be


Learn By Doing It

This is a completely new kind of tutorial that you do inside Ableton Live, not watching on video.

That means you hear audio Instructions, watch Automated Examples, and follow guided Activities where you actively play with the sounds.

Here's what you see when you open it up.

km1First you get to know the instrument and hear its basic starting state, with Velocity-sensitive pads that react to your touch.


Then we go deep into a Sound Design lesson with Low-Pass Filters and Filter Drive for tone-shaping and expression.


We also look at the use of High-Pass Filters and Compression to bring the sound into your mix with some technical engineering you need to know.


Macro-Mapped For Easy Control

All the parameters we learn about in this lesson are mapped to macro knobs.

That means you can easily tweak the KOOOM bass with your Push controller and hear the full effect, without getting lost in deep plugin options.

You don't need to mouse-click all over the rack.

And the Session Lesson cuts out the need to keep a YouTube window open next to Ableton!

That means no distractions.  You can just make music.


BONUS Preset Pack Included!

These presets take the sound and stretch your creativity as far as it can go.

Listen to what this instrument can do, and imagine how you'd use that in a new track...


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not completely happy with this Session Lesson™, contact me within 24 hours of purchase to request a refund. 

Contact Info: steve@mixitecture.com

I will either help you get it working or give you your money back.

kmfullWhat's Included

Here's everything you get inside.

  • One interactive Session Lesson™
  • 84Mb Live Pack for Live10 [.alp]
  • Bonus Preset Pack
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Support in the Mixitecture Production Community
  • Direct email support: steve@mixitecture.com

Ready to make some hypnotic low-end bass booms?

Grab the KOOOM Bass Session Lesson and find out how.

Buy now from the secure payment platform.

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Download & Installation

Click in here to download your Session Lesson and get started.  Instructions inside.

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